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Friday, March 04, 2005

Mohler on Peretz on Liberalism

Al Mohler has chosen an interesting issue for today's column: Martin Peretz's article in The New Republic on the current state of liberalism. Peretz is its editor-in-chief, and it is a liberal publication. I heard Rush (no, I'm not a big Rush fan) talk about this a few weeks ago, and here Mohler provides some interesting insights and excerpts. Here's one in particular (keep in mind this was written by Peretz, the liberal, not Mohler, the conservative:
This patronizing attitude is proof positive that, as deep as the social and economic gains have been among African Americans, many liberals prefer to maintain their own time-honored patronizing position vis-a-vis 'the other,' the needy...This is, frankly, in sharp contrast to President Bush, who seems not to be impeded by race difference 'and gender difference' in his appointments and among his friends. Maybe it is just a generational thing, and, if it is that, it is also a good thing. But he may be the first president who apparently does not see individual people in racial categories or sex categories. White or black, woman or man, just as long as you're a conservative. That is also an expression of liberation from bias."
It seems to me that those on both sides of the aisle who have been willing to open their eyes (see my post on Christopher Hitchens for another example) have seen that Bush does not fit into the stereotypes coming from the shrill voices on the far left bank.

In any case, very interesting thoughts from Peretz and Mohler.


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