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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Faith and Politics

This is the "home page," so to speak, for my political ramblings, wherein I toss around the ideas of democracy, theonomy, and other related issues. This is where I try to wrestle with how our Christian faith and the claim that "Jesus is Lord" relates to politics and government. This post will be updated whenever there is a new one, and there is a permanent link in the right hand column. Enjoy!

The Christians are Coming! - A prominent atheist writer blows the whistle on the left's paranoia about Christian values in America.
Politics at the Cross - N.T. Wright challenges the notion that Jesus was not political in any sense and places politics at the center of the rest of the Christian life - the cross.
JFK and Freedom - JFK on freedom, God, and government.
Of Jesus, Caesar, Elephants, and Donkeys - where I ask all the big questions on my mind and give very few answers.
Jesus Not Political - a very insightful reader responds to the previous article.
Proctor & Politics - I respond to the insightful reader.
Jesus is Lord - Here I struggle with the application of the lordship of Christ to earthly government.
Mohler on Peretz on Liberalism - Another prominent liberal attacks the left on its mischaracterization of Bush.


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