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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

the home stretch

Over the next two days, I will be finishing my major ministerial research paper for my master's work. I must be done by about 5:45 tomorrow. This means that in the very near future, I will begin posting it piece by piece. I wanted to offer a few disclaimers and guidelines for those of you who read it.

1. This is by far not my best work, because I was quite crammed for time, but I'd like to make it my best work. That's where you come in. I welcome any and all questions, comments, criticisms, declarations of heresy, etc.

2. If your comments are going to be long (i.e., more than 1,000 characters, the Haloscan limit), please email me instead. If the majority of responses are over email, when I'm done posting every section of the thesis, I'll start a series of response posts using your emails (I'll ask your permission first).

3. It will take me a bit to reformat everything so that references are included, so there will be a few days between posts. This is good anyway, since it will give folks time to read. I know most of y'all have better things to do than read my paper.

So there it is. Look for the first installment by the end of the week.

I'm also working on an essay entitled, The Answer to Every Question, in which I'll argue that Sunday School kids know more than our systematic theologians. I may stick that in the middle somewhere if I'm tired of my blog being filled up with my paper.


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