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Monday, May 30, 2005

Brief Updates

I'm posting a bit less frequently right now as I try to finish up this thesis. A rough draft should be complete tonight. I'll include an excerpt at the bottom of this post.

I promise I'm done, at least for a while, posting pictures of Gordon Lightfoot and gushing about his music all over the blog. Go buy Sundown, and you'll know why I go on and on. You can usually get it for pretty cheap on ebay.

Go read this post by Michael Spencer, which made me happy to be a "reformation Christian" again. It's been fascinating, and sometimes very sad, discussion at the BHT and around the reformed blogosphere lately.

Finally, a quick excerpt from my rough draft. I'll keep it very short for now, because I plan posting almost the entirety of the paper in larger chunks over a long period of time. Here's one small paragraph introducing the proclamation of "fatherhood of God" to postmodern folks:

In a postmodern context, proclaiming the fatherhood of God seems at the outset a fruitless endeavor. To elucidate God in such blatantly male terminology is to evoke notions of the male-dominated metanarratives so eschewed by postmoderns. While Jesus’ unmistakable yet almost scandalous concern for women will provide a more than acceptable answer to this charge, we must indeed be sensitive, though not embarrassed, when we proclaim God as father.


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